Skillshare Courses to increase your Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

Nicole Duncan RGDJaimie Pullinger RGD and Zunash Chagany Provisional RGD from the RGD's Events Committee identified 3 Skillshare courses to help you streamline your design process, be more organized and manage your time and clients more efficiently. 


Design Like Draplin: 21 Tips for Speeding Up Your Design Workflow

Transform the way you work with this in-depth, entertaining class about design productivity. Join designer Aaron Draplin for a deep-dive into practical, actionable advice for working in Adobe Illustrator — gain templates, shortcuts and handy tricks you can use again and again!


Productivity for Designers: 11 Tips to Revamp Your Workflow with DKNG

Building a creative career is about more than your design skills — it's about managing time, interacting with clients and more. Through 11 straightforward lessons learn techniques to keep projects running smoothly, organizing project files and optimizing your desk set-up to working with clients and vendors. Gain tools you need to overhaul the way you work – unlocking your ability to spend more time on the creative work you love.


Geometric Design in Adobe Illustrator: Tips for a Faster, Smarter & More Precise Workflow

Create geometric designs, faster, easier and with more precision. This class is specially created for those who want to create geometric or grid-based work in Adobe Illustrator. This class covers ways to streamline Illustrator workflow, spend less time performing repetitive tasks, technical tricks for working smarter and overlooked and underused settings, tools and functionality in Illustrator – and ultimately spend less time on technical stuff and have more time for creative play!
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