2020/2021 Committee Report
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Presented by Amanda DeVries RGD at the AGM on April 24, 2021

on behalf of the Committee Chair and VP of Diversity & Inclusion, Jenn Taback RGD


As a new Committee, our first year has been focused on understanding and identifying the pressing issues currently affect designers and their careers. We have also been exploring what types of resources and information will make the most impact in this area. In our short time in operation, it has become clear that the work we will be doing will cross boundaries, comfort levels and challenge many of our Members to think about situations they haven't considered.


During the last few months, we have been working on a few initiatives that have addressed pressing topics and concerns from our members:


  • Added optional pronoun and demographic identifiers in the RGD Directory
  • Added optional pronouns/demographic identifiers on Membership and Program application forms
  • Created Speaker Guidelines
  • Raised awareness about inappropriate contests
  • Developed a program to run as part of the RGD Student Awards in 2021 that celebrates design students from underrepresented/marginalized communities
  • Collected DT feedback from a D&I perspective
  • Currently working on a cultural awareness social media campaign.


We will continue to raise awareness about diversity and equity topics and issues that we identify and that members bring to our attention. We expect back and forth with Members and know that our work will constitute an open dialogue.


Our 2021 Goals Include:

  1. Develop additional resources and strategies to educate Members about diversity and inclusion topics that relate to all aspects of a designer's career and work.
  2. Identify topics that need resource documentation (such as the speaker guidelines) to frame events, experiences, best practices and other areas in an inclusive way.
  3. Establish partnerships with other Committees to enhance the work being done and ensure that we provide inclusive experiences that recognize the diverse backgrounds of our Members wherever possible.


I would like to thank all of our Committee Members for their work over the past year:

  • Reesa Del Duca RGD
  • Amanda DeVries RGD
  • Alan Joson Prov. RGD
  • Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD
  • Derrick Oduro Prov. RGD
  • Erica Shaw (Affiliate Member)
  • Kelly Riback-Small RGD 
  • Mel Sutjiadi RGD
  • Rita Tang Prov. RGD
  • Ashley Tomlison Prov. RGD
  • Fe Wyma RGD

And thanking Committee Member Kris Atterbury, who recently stepped down from the Committee.