Designer Collector: Starbucks Reserve Coffee Cards

Mirela Zdjelaric RGD shares her collection of vibrant, foil-pressed Starbucks Reserve Coffee Cards.  


What do you collect?
Being a lover of coffee and design, I have collected over 60 Starbucks Reserve Coffee Cards. I keep them at my desk for quick and easy access when I need inspiration.
Since when?
I started collecting them about 8 years ago when I noticed a colourful, foil-pressed card with beautiful typography during a coffee break at work. I often find inspiration in odd places. Once I started collecting them, co-workers and friends began contributing to my collection by gifting me cards.    
I often refer to the cards for their intricate patterns, illustrations, colour and typography. The attention to detail and design in a space only measuring 4.25” H x 2.75” W is amazing!
Taking inspiration from one of the coffee cards, I created an Art Deco stylized information pocket book which won an RGD In-House Design Award in 2016.  
Every card design is truly unique! I’m impressed with the many variations that have been created while they all still maintain the cohesiveness of the collection. It's the copper foil that brings it all together as one. I love them all!
An item you aspire to have in your collection?
It would be a dream to one day design a card or a set of cards for Starbucks! 
Mirela’s design career started in the world of corporate finance. With 19+ years of experience, 3 years ago Mirela decided it was time to freelance full-time as a designer and art director. She now run’s her own creative studio, helping small and large businesses with identity, branding and various print and digital design needs. For some day to day design inspirations follow her here






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