Stigma-Breaking, Diverse kids book shares Stories of Families working in the Cannabis Industry

By Damian Box RGD, Business Owner at Damian Box Branding


The Kids of Cannabis book came about as a communication bridge between product development and product launch for a cannabis SaaS company.  The book’s concept inspiration was a consumer insight on cannabis stigma and the proprietary cannabis industry taxonomy created by the Careers Cannabis. The children’s book format was selected for its unique delivery method, online popularity and accessibility.
Cannabis stigma remains a concern for those working in the industry and their families. The book aims to normalize the cannabis industry, end stigma-based discrimination and share stories about people and families that work in cannabis promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.
The initial design process was to develop visually-appealing characters that capture their personalities and unique perspectives. In designing the three main characters, diversity and inclusion were essential aspects of the overall design philosophy. Initially, building compelling character profiles guided brand colouring and the book identity. 
There was continuous testing, research and experimentation on design elements for the digital and paperback publications throughout the design process. Continuous testing resulted in the development of distinct design variations for each format.  One of my favourite design details for the paperback is the cannabis leaves on the book cover and the responsive landscape design for digital version. 
Environmentally, we wanted the book to fit home spaces easily, be easy to carry and visually appealing on a kitchen table. The kitchen table design philosophy influenced our decision on the physical size and cover design. 
The book was released May 9, 2021, exclusively on Amazon worldwide. Within days of release, the book was  the #1 New Release in several Kindle children’s book categories. Since then, we’ve sold copies worldwide, been featured in numerous blogs, podcasts and news articles while increasing social engagement for Careers Cannabis. The first book’s success has resulted in two additional books being developed as part of the series for release in 2021. 
Designing and publishing a children's book is a very nostalgic and enjoyable process. At times, I forgot that this is my job!
  • Always design for the user experience and don’t be afraid to make each format unique.
  • Self-publishing is growing by double digits year over year for printed books as well as e-books. 

Credits: Written by I.B. Sekandi & Illustrated by Anna T


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