Impactful & Informative Employment 2030 Report incorporates engaging, vibrant Illustration

By Esther Sunghee Byun RGD, Founder & Senior Designer 


As part of the Employment 2030: Action Labs project initiative, the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship needed to create a research report examining key trends impacting Canada's labour market over the next decade. I was tasked with producing the first research report. Created in slide deck format in both English and French, it presents the information in a professional and a tidy way. 
As part of the design process, I conducted preliminary research by becoming familiar with the BII+E brand, analyzing past research reports, gathering inspirational images and establishing a consistent brand style for the report. Also, I gathered other text-heavy research reports to identify trends and best practices. This inventory of research reports helped me to better understand the strengths of the communication material and explore the format of the report.
The research reports (both English and French versions) contained numerous hyperlinks and interactive features throughout. Each sentence consists of multiple hyperlinks; all links required thorough testing to ensure proper action and function. Patience, attention to detail and discipline were necessary tools in developing the report.
The report achieved project goals and objectives as it displayed text-heavy information in a clear, visually-appealing and digestible format. The extensive amount of hyperlinks and interactive features functioned seamlessly. Additionally, the reports featured engaging and vibrant illustrations by Jessica Buizon and Salini Perera. The result was an impactful and informative report that helped deepen the knowledge of potential changes ahead so that workers for the future of Canada's labour market can be better prepared.

Esther Sunghee Byun is the Founder and Senior Designer of a purpose-driven creative design studio ESTHER SUNGHEE specializing in art direction, editorial design, and visual identity design. With a multi-disciplinary and modern approach to design, Esther brings work to life by incorporating thought and charm through smart and refined visual solutions for a wide range of clients.

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