Bright, Bold and Gender-Neutral Branding by el vetica design for The Good Nik, a Teen-Run Vegan Snack Company

By Ellyn Lusis RGD, Graphic Designer + Illustrator, el vetica design


My 16-year old foodie daughter Annika launched her own business through Summer Company called The Good Nik — Small-batch, Big Snacks. The first product she is selling is called Chickee Dough. It tastes *just like* cookie dough but is made from chick peas. She launched with three flavours; Chocolate Chip, Choco-lot and Chocolate Mint.
Annika has always wanted to be a chef but could not find a job in a kitchen due to COVID-19 and her age. So she set out to create a job for herself. She had a shoestring budget from Summer Company to start her business and had to make every dollar count. 
The goal was to keep this project fun. We looked for ways to add light-heartedness into the brand. Especially since we're pitching that a chick pea based, vegan and dairy-free product tastes as delicious as cookie dough. It's incredible what she's created!
Due to the clients age and uniqueness of the product, we wanted to have as much fun with the colours as possible and kept them bright, bold and gender neutral. We added some hand drawn elements to keep it youthful but also show *how to* eat it (with a spoon).
For containers we used a local reusable container company who were a dream to work with. We also found a printer to do a small run of sheet labels to keep things economical. Although we had to work within the confinements of a strict budget, we didn't want to show it in the design.
We created 'made fresh on___' date stickers and added some fun little sayings including:
  • Raisins are just taking the place of where chocolate was meant to be.
  • You are what you eat and you clearly have excellent taste, gorgeous.
  • The road to riches is paved with homework.
  • Enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.
We added these for no other reason to just to put an extra smile on the customer’s face.
The client (my daughter) is beyond pleased with the results. She gets compliments on the branding all the time and more than a few customers asked if she sells the tees as well. Which is a point of pride for any teenager I think?
We kept within the strict budget without compromising on design. So her budget was approved and her products have been selling consistently well ever since.
She has had so much success with the brand and the product already. I can't wait to see where this goes and what products she develops next. Good things are coming from The Good Nik for sure.
Ellyn is a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator who approaches every project with enthusiasm and creativity. She enjoy coming up with fresh design and marketing strategies for clients. Whether you’re a a small startup or an established company, she can help you bring your design vision to life.

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