Identity design for Canary Dental by Nothing Design Studio makes patients feel comfortable and safe

By Rahul Bhogal RGD, Creative Director, Nothing Design Studio


Canary Dental, located in Canary District in Toronto, ON, is a dental clinic with relationship and care at its core. Founded by Dr. Komal Lamba and her husband, Canary Dental started with a vision to create a clinic that creates an environment that reduces the fear and anxiety for people going to the dentist. They hired us to help create an identity and positioning that allows them to connect with people in a friendly and comfortable manner.
Our approach to the positioning was to create a one-of-a-kind personality which we brought out through messaging — strategically integrating humour with the tagline “Made you smile” to communicate joy and belonging to patients. In building the identity, we saw the unique opportunity to create something that connected with the local community tastefully. The result is a logo of a canary in a tooth, subtly uniting the canary district and dentistry in an icon. The unexpected beauty of a canary, a tooth and an asymmetrical heart in one image became the perfect identity piece to represent Canary Dental.
The brand was very well received within the Canary District community and by locals in the surrounding area. Despite the challenges during the pandemic, they managed the signup patients who immediately felt safe and comfortable. The office was featured in Oral Health Magazine.
Architect: Prop Architecture
Photography: Kuba Los and Gagan Banga 
With over 10 year's of industry experience, Rahul Bhogal RGD is an award-winning graphic designer and art director. Working in the fields of brand identity and digital design, his work can be seen in Awwwards, Applied Arts Mag, AIGA, Logo Lounge, Win Out Mag and the Best Brand Awards, including Best Brand North America. He has also acted as a mentor for startups and young entrepreneurs.

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