Creative Directions 2021 Recordings now available for Members

The RGD's Career Development Conference for design graduates and  professionals alike took place in May earlier this year. The recordings of the live sessions from the conference are now available in the Members Only section of the RGD website as part of RGD's extensive video archive.


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An Update from The Draplin Design Co.: And Other Fibs, Lies and Perjuries

Presented by Aaron Draplin

What a time to be alive! Thankfully, Draplin Design Co. was able to stay busy, focused and vigilant these last surreal 15 months. And yet, learned some weird lessons along the way. They show a spirited set of case studies of the stuff that kept them out of the red, inspired and somewhat sane. All from the lost year that is 2020.


Extra Bold: Redesigning Power Flows

Presented by Ellen Lupton, Kaleena Sales and Leslie Xia 

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable speaking up in class or sharing new ideas at work? Who feels confident and who doesn’t? What do you need to think about before coming out at work? How can you help build a more diverse and inclusive design field? Co-authors of Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-Racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers discuss concepts like intersectionality, systemic racism and equity in the workplace. What can you do to share power, amplify the power of others and claim your own power?


Other sessions and panel discussions include: 


Student Stream

Exploring Specialties by Tobias Frere-Jones, Leo Jung, Annie Wong

The Art of Building & Maintaining Your Professional Network in the Virtual World by Despina Zanganas RGD

Presentations & Discussion: Cultivating Confidence by James Cabrera and Diego Lopez RGD

Panel: Job Searching in a Pandemic by Dominic Ayre RGD, Paul Kawai, Laura Stein RGD and Jennifer Taback RGD

Giving Good Portfolio Presentations … Virtually by Victor Szeto RGD

Good to Great: Why some Designers Make the Leap... and Others Don't by  Greg Dubeau RGD

Presentations & Discussion: Career Journeys by Diana Beltrán Herrera, Dani Hall and Richard Hatter

Panel: Hope in Uncertainty by Anthony Burrill, Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Howard Poon and Pamela Rounis


Early Career Stream 

Simplify by Verònica Fuerte

Launch Your Own Design Empire by Stüssy Tschudin RGD

Presentations & Discussion: 9–5... and Passion Projects by Sami Christianson, Kevin Moran RGD, Lin Oosterhoff Prov. RGD and Paul Twa Prov. RGD

Panel: Staying Current from Home & How to Feel Less Disconnected by Lucas Carmona, Alex Center, Lauren Wickware RGD, Nancy Wu

Pre-recorded Presentation: How I Feel Most Connected to Design by Nancy Wu

Show Me the Money by Julian Brown RGD and Dan Mall

Presentations & Discussion: Designer Pain Points by David Nuff RGD and Fungi Dube

Panel: Agency, Studio, Freelance or In-House? by Daniela Buitrago Prov. RGD, Pansy Cheung Prov. RGD, Chrisanne Daniel Prov. RGD, Cedric Gagnon Prov. RGD

Creating Clarity for Impactful Designs Henry Chu


Mid-to-Senior Stream

Presentations & Discussion: Technology Tidbits by Kay Fleury, Dan Mall and Diana Varma RGD

Panel: What Happens When You Lose Your Passion for Design? by Sean Carter, Alison Garnett RGD and Mikey Richardson RGD

Panel: Shifting Your Business in Changing Markets by Anne Chou, Ian Chalmers RGD, Robert Smith RGD and Annie Wong

Untethering Financial Success From Effort by Blair Enns

How to Start, Grow and Scale Your Small Business by Mandy Gilbert

How to Earn $10k of Passive Income as a Designer by Jacob Cass

How to Sell Creative Services by Michael Janda

Creating Equity in the Design Industry as Senior Professionals by Gavin Barrett, Julian Franklin and Chino Nnadi


Creative Directions programming also included roundtables and portfolio reviews. 


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