Apply to Test the New Sections introduced for RGD's Certification Process

The RGD is adding three new sections, Interaction Design; Signage & Wayfinding and Design Management, to the Online Test portion of the RGD Certification Process


Currently the Test comprises of two mandatory sections (Accessibility, Ethics) and 3 non-mandatory sections (BusinessDesign Principles & Design Research). The number of non-mandatory sections needed to pass is based on the result of the applicant's Portfolio Presentation.
To test the new sections, the RGD is inviting professional designers with a minimum of 5 years experience and/or education, interested in becoming a Certified RGD, the opportunity to complete up to 2 of the 3 new sections.
If you receive 50% or higher, you will pass the section and will be counted towards completion of Certification. 

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"With the world of design ever evolving, it benefits the RGD and our community to recognize and grow with it. This includes acknowledging the various emerging disciplines. That's why at the Certification level, the Certification Committee has been updating portions of the Test to ensure we stay inclusive and relevant to the work of our Members. We have plans to introduce more sections as interest grows and more Members get involved in helping to shape the future of our community!" says Victor Szeto RGD, VP & Chair, RGD Certification Committee
Once we have gathered enough statistics, we'll refine the questions and develop a passing mark for each, as we have done with the existing sections. 
Suggested Reading Material
Interaction Design Section:
Authors: Alan Cooper, Robert Reiman, David Cronin & Christopher Noessel
Signage & Wayfinding Section:
Author: Chris Calori
Design Management Section:
Author: Kathryn Best


Preference will be given to Provisional RGDs and Junior Affiliates with requisite experience.


Questions? Email RGD's Director of Membership, Heidi Veri at


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