Five RGD Members Receive Full Scholarships to OCAD U School of Continuing Studies Courses

The RGD and OCAD U partnered to award $2,455 in scholarships to RGD Members to attend OCAD U School of Continuing Studies certificate programs running in Fall/Winter 2021 and Spring 2022. 


"The School of Continuing Studies at OCAD University provides lifelong educational opportunities for design professionals. We are delighted to partner with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers in offering scholarships for RGD Members to update their skills and expand their practice," offers Evan Tapper, Director, OCAD U School of Continuing Studies.
Congratulations to the recipients:


"I’m hoping the course will deepen my approach to design and methods of problem-solving," says Sophie. "As designers, we have an opportunity to positively impact others whether it’s through communication or experiences. I believe it’s important to adapt and continue learning as our collective needs grow and change within communities. I’m excited to have an opportunity to learn new methods for insight and research, allowing a human-centred approach to be at the forefront of my work."


Lenore explains that she went to art school, but never got a chance to formally learn and pursue illustration. "I am the most excited about the risk-taking and non-literal thinking aspects of the course. I feel it'll bring a great sense of play to my art and design," she notes.


Jessica and Yiming feel that the digital media course will pair well with their past graphic design experience giving a clearer vision for the future. As Yiming puts it, "Digitization brings convenience, pleasure and creates an immersive experience." 


Having chosen the accounting course, Annie is looking forward to gaining an in-depth understanding of the business of design. 


Are you looking to refresh your skills? RGD Members now receive 15% off all Fall 2021 courses being offered through the OCAD U School of Continuing Studies. Discount code available in the Members only section of our website. 


Click here for a list of the certificate programs available.