In-House Design Conference 2021 Recordings now available for Members

The recordings of the live sessions from the conference are now available in the Members Only section of the RGD website as part of RGD's extensive video archive.


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Equality by Design: Cultural Impact Through Creative Leadership

Presented by Greg Hoffman


The Intersection of Diversity, Inclusion, Youth Culture and Design

Presented by Rich Tu

Rich's talk centers around recent projects he has lead which are geared towards youth culture and inclusivity. From large initiatives, to small personal projects, Rich shares how DE&I principles come into play on a daily basis in his work.


Designing Your Design Organization

Presented by Kristin Skinner

In this talk, Kristin expands on how if we are to focus on the pillars of People, Practice and Platform, essentials for design orgs, then we need to champion the programs that support the desired outcomes for each pillar: happier designers, better designers and more effective teams. 


Fireside Chat: Branding, Activism and Sustainability in The Greenhouse

Presented by Natalie Brewster and Teri Henman

In this talk, Natalie and Teri share their experiences running The Body Shop’s in-house creative agency ‘The Greenhouse,’ the evolution of the iconic brand and how social and environmental activism are incorporated into their work.


Other sessions and panel discussions include: 


in House

Getting Clients Addicted to Good Design by Roy Levine

F*ck (Going Back to) Your Office by Julian Brown RGD

How to Elevate the Practice of Design for Business Impact by Patryk Adamczyk RGD 

Compete with the Immortals: Building Your In-House Powerhouse by David Di Benedetto 

We Don’t Just Make Pretty Things: Building Strategic In-House Creative Teams by Lydia Baillergeau

Do You Have Enough Pencils in Your Pencil Case? by John Furneaux RGD 

Doing Great Creative In-House, When The House Isn’t So Creative by Dennis Lim Global

How to Conduct Effective Remote Design Sprints by Avinash Raj RGD

Creativity and You: A 40-Minute Adventure by Brian Kachur

How to Decipher and Create Inclusive Design by Tammy Tsang

UI is the New Branding by Firas Mghames

From Behind the Screen to the Front of the Boardroom: Leading as an Introvert by Meghan D'Mello 

Bringing Animated GIFs (Stickers) into In-House Projects by Andrea Rodriguez RGD

Process Workshop: Anatomy of a Motion Design Project by Julian Brown RGD


in Balance

Designing During COVID-19: The Greater Need for Visual Communications by  Erin Grandmaison RGD, Josh McInerney RGD and Jess Tiernan

Small but Mighty: Harnessing the Value of a Small In-House Team Ian Dickson, Wendy Millard RGD, Vince Rozas

Fake It Till You Make It: Leading with Confidence by Deborah Peterson, Jodi Eyolfson and Yen Chu RGD

Everyone Belongs: Bringing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to Your Work and Workplace by Kael Cruz and Nasreen Igbon

Being the Brand Gatekeeper: How to Flourish Inside (and Outside) the Lines by Evan Biswanger, Emily Chan and Lindsay Robertson

From Service to Strategy: The Current State of In-house Design Eman El-Fayomi, Fransje Melief and Josh Dudych



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