We Are a Counterforce with Prof. Rebeca Méndez

"Rebeca Méndez’s art and design career is an inspiring journey — an artistic and designerly reflection (and action) of our current environmental crisis. Her work is beautiful and captivating; enriched by her love for science passed down by her parents from a young age. In this talk, Méndez discusses her work, anchored in the study and admiration of the Earth’s ecology." — Olivia Baker-Sullivan Provisional RGD


We live in an era of radical unbalance, when humans have moved the planet outside its natural limits and where the environment has surfaced as an existential crisis for all of us. Rebeca’s talk focuses on how art and design can help us leap into envisioning more equitable and sustainable relationships with others and our planet. Rebeca presents recent projects and introduces her UCLA initiative—the Counter Force Lab, a research and fieldwork studio dedicated to using design and art to develop creative collaborations, new fields of study and methods to research, create and execute projects around the social and ecological impacts of anthropocene climate change.