52 Pick-up Award for Typography: 70 Days Project: Music Land

By Yasaman Fakhr Student RGD, George Brown College, Toronto, ON


Award sponsored by 52 Pick-up



Showcasing the impact of music on creativity, these typographical alphabets, letter and punctuation marks were developed as a part of an extensive 70-day school project. To create this type, the designer collected 7 song recommendations for 10 friends which they listened to on repeat daily for 30 minutes while creating the type. Each type is inspired a song. To present the result, the type was packaged into two posters and also posted individually on Instagram. 


Educator Support: Nicole Dimson RGD



Honourable Mentions:





Rina Alfonso RGD, Creative Director of Studio Aorta

Rina is the Philippine-born founder and creative director of Studio Aorta, a small, woman and minority-owned creative agency based in Washington, DC, that creates captivating spatial experiences through the synergy of compelling narratives, thoughtful design, and artistic expression. Rina leads the studio, ensuring that all its work embodies the synergy of narrative, design, and art. She is a certified Registered Graphic Designer (RGD), part-time lecturer at the MFA Museum Exhibition Planning and Design program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and serves on the steering committees of the Independent Museum Professionals Network and National Association for Museum Exhibition in the US.

Courtney Echlin, Freelance Graphic Design, Vancouver, BC

Courtney is a Vancouver-based freelance graphic designer. After studying 

Graphic Communications Management (BTech) at Ryerson University in Toronto, she gained a unique background in business and design. With this, and 9 years of experience, she aims to create designs that are both beautiful and strategic. In her most recent role as Cactus Club Cafe's in-house Senior Graphic Designer, Courtney worked on a wide variety of projects from brand development, social media content, asset creation for promotions and campaigns, print publications, hoarding signage as well as leading photoshoots. For her, it's as much about the creative process and collaborating with passionate individuals as it is the end product.


Nick Monteleone, Co-Founder and Creative Director at 52 Pick-up Inc in Toronto

Nick has 30+ years of experience in design, specializing in builder-developer branding and marketing. His logo for Hockey Night in Canada, a graphic brand created 25 years ago, is still in use today! He has created some of the most successful campaigns for new development projects across Canada, selling billions of dollars in real estate. He is the recipient of numerous awards of excellence from prestigious organizations including BILD, OHBA, CHBA and The Nationals (USA).