Haft2 Award for Colour Winners (Tie): Jasriel Bautista & Yasaman Fakhr Provisional RGD
Winning Projects (Tie):

• CMYK Master: Bradbury Thompson Exhibition Pitchbook by Jasriel Bautista, George Brown College, Toronto, ON

• FunLab by Yasaman Fakhr Provisional RGD, George Brown College, Toronto, ON


Award Sponsored by Haft2


CMYK Master: Bradbury Thompson Exhibition Pitchbook

CMYK Master is an exhibition proposal for the Gardiner Museum in Toronto to showcase the work Bradbury Thompson, a prominent graphic designer of the 20th century. The exhibit design blends with his work in terms of  typography, imagery and colours. In addition to the visual application, the scope of the project includes a research booklet, a pitchbook and merchandise.




FunLab is toolbox to educate parents about the importance of children’s learning environment and provides useful information on creating different spaces at home. Colours and shapes are used to create desired energy or behaviour in a room — happy, energetic, creative or focused — to aid child in studying, improve information processing, reduces stress and promote brain development through visual stimulation and pattern-seeking. The toolbox includes a brochure, a magnetic calendar, an activity folder, games and stickers.


Educator Support: Kristine Do



Honourable Mentions:



  • Nanistya Martohardjono RGD, Creative Director at Haft2, Toronto, ON

  • Cassandra Mellow RGD, Senior Designer at Federated Co-operatives Limited, Saskatoon, SK

  • Caitlin Wharton RGD, Founder & Creative Director at Millie, Portland, OR