Haft2 Award for Colour: Primavera Gelateria – Sanctuary of Confections Branding

By Mark Calulo, LaSalle College Vancouver, Vancouver, BC


Award sponsored by Haft2



Use of dynamic colours is the key design solution for Primavera's new line of exotic flavoured ice creams. Beautiful spring colours not only portray the brand concept but also reflect the promise of a healthier way of living full of vim and vigor. The design drew inspiration from flowerpots combined with the beauty of geometric patterns using an assemblage of basic shapes that create a balance of colours and figures. The vibrant colours help capture attention showing shelf presence effectively.


Educator Support: Anne Ahmad



Honourable Mentions:

  • Beer Packaging by Gawon Yoo Student RGD, Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON
  • TANGO X Crystal Dream Brew Co. by Sarah Petretti, Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON
  • Save Our Butterflies by Autum McDougald-Ashby Student RGD, Conestoga College,  Kitchener, ON
  • 70 Days Project: Music Land by Yasaman Fakhr Student RGD, George Brown College, Toronto, ON





Grace Partridge, Director of Brand at Tuft and Paw in Vancouver, BC

Grace is a West Coast Brand and Creative Director who develops foundational strategies and visual identities for start-up brands in the lifestyle category. Bold solutions, bright colour and a sense of play are essential components of her work.