Quake Award for Creative Innovation Winner: Jasper Tu

Winning Project: Jiyu

By Jasper Tu, York University / Sheridan College, Oakville/Toronto, ON


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Jiyu is a virtual shopping application mainly targeting Gen Z shoppers that combines the benefits of traditional fitting room with the convenience of a virtual one. By generating a custom avatar tailored to the shopper’s unique face and body proportions, Jiyu puts the online shopper at the centre of the dressing experience. One of the most unique features of the app is that uses haptic technology built into smartphones to offer a "Feel Mode" to shoppers— simulating the texture of a piece of clothing when shoppers rub their finger on-screen, so shoppers can elevate their understanding of a product to make the right purchase decision. The app can be integrated with various brands and also features an interactive feature with privacy options where app users can upvote, downvote and comment on a posted outfit.

Educator Support: James March



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