Vancouver Film School Award for Motion Design Winner: Dudley Cheung

Winning Project: Planet Shred Promotional Videos

By Dudley Cheung, George Brown College, Toronto, ON


Award sponsored by Vancouver Film School



Planet Shred Promotional Videos

Planet Shred is an imaginary product rollout for a guitar pick company launching their newest line of guitar picks. Characters Jaz, Skele and Gruuvi represent 3 different genres of music — jazz, metal and psychedelic rock respectively. Each character promotes their guitar pick through a video animation created for them. Character animation and motion graphics were applied to sell the product. The design also shows the essence of each genre in the characters and in the way they move. 



Planet Shred - Skele Video from Dudley Cheung on Vimeo.


Educator Support: Kristine Do



Honourable Mentions:



  • Evan Biswanger, Creative Director & Head of Marketing at VFS, Vancouver, BC

  • Mark Cohen, Director of Creative, Production & Digital, Strategic & Editorial Content, at TD Wealth, Toronto, ON

  • Lisa Wilder RGD, Technical Content Writer at Autodesk, Toronto, ON