Stream for Mid to Senior Professionals

Senior design professionals explored the opportunities and challenges that come with time spent in the design industry and discussed where we go from here.


*All these presentations were recorded and are available for RGD Members in the Members-only section of the site.


Creating Equity in the Design Industry as Senior Professionals


How to Sell Creative Services

Presented by Michael Janda, Business Coach for Creative Professionals based in Salt Lake City, UT

Agency veteran Michael will walk you through the sales process he used to generate more than $30,000,000 in creative services sales for top tier clients like Disney, Google, ABC, NBC, and Fox. This process will leave you with plenty of "a-ha!" moments and paradigm shifts that will improve your creative business.


Presentations & Discussion — Technology Tidbits

  • Digital Traffic
    Presented by Kay Fleury, Head of Content & Strategy at in Waterloo, ON
  • Show Them the Future
    Presented by Dan Mall, Founder & CEO of SuperFriendly in Philadelphia, PE
    In 23 years of working, SuperFriendly Founder & CEO Dan Mall has one favorite tip that separates the professionals from the amateurs. In this 10-minute talk, find out what it is and how you can put in in action today.
  • Podcasting for Designers
    Presented by Diana Varma RGD, Educator & Writer, Producer & Host of the podcast Talk Paper Scissors
    There are so many great reasons for a designers and design agencies to start a podcast! A podcast is a high-value, low-cost tool that can help you 1) establish yourself as a thought-leader in industry, 2) allow you to explore interesting topics that can add value to your current service offerings, and 3) allow new customers to find your work. Join Diana to find out more about planning, hosting and distributing your own podcast. 

How to Earn $10k of Passive Income as a Designer

Presented by Jacob Cass, Brand Designer & Strategist (CEO/Founder) at JUST™ Creative

In the Passive Income Masterclass run by Jacob, you will learn the strategies you can start using TODAY to earn income while you sleep. Jacob will reveal the secrets he uses to earn over $20k/month in passive income using affiliate marketing and other methods.

This passive income masterclass will cover:

  • What is passive income?
  • Types of passive income
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO Basics (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Partnerships (The Secret Sauce)


How to Start, Grow and Scale Your Small Business

Presented by Mandy Gilbert, Founder & CEO at Creative Niche in Toronto, ON

Taking the entrepreneurial leap is no easy task. Once you decide to branch out on your own, the real work begins. So many entrepreneurs are unsure of how to scale and grow their businesses into sustainable companies. As a result, they make many costly mistakes. Mandy Gilbert, Founder of Creative Niche and best-selling author, will share strategies on outsourcing, hiring, planning and setting you up for long-term success as an entrepreneur.


Untethering Financial Success From Effort

Presented by Blair Enns, CEO of Win Without Pitching in Vancouver, BC

Designers are hired for their creativity but paid for their effort. Some learn how to create enough demand that they are able to charge more for that effort, but only a few ever detach financial success from hours and effort altogether. Let's just skip the two decades of your career where you're poorly paid and jump right to the part where you learn how pricing for value instead of effort creates a virtuous circle or more money, better work and bigger client impact. Let's do that now. In one hour.

Join Blair for this discussion on aligning your income to the value you create in the world.


Panel: Shifting Your Business in Changing Markets

Moderator: Emily CohenConsultant to Creative Professionals in Philadelphia, PA


Panel: What Happens When You Lose Your Passion for Design?

Moderator: Armin Vit, Co-founder of UnderConsideration in Bloomington, IN