Now Do Something Weirder by Michael Johnson
"Michael takes us through 33 tips for branding and facilitating creativity in design. With projects spanning from the Science Museum to UNICEF, he shares a wide breadth of his work. By demonstrating process and experiments, he shows how to push projects beyond the brief." — Olivia Baker-Sullivan Provisional RGD

In over 30 years on the frontlines of design and branding, Michael has pretty much seen it all. He’s had 9 jobs, been fired from 3. He started a company 25 years ago that now has massive clients across the globe. He rebranded Mozilla entirely in the open, launched a world-beating campaign for the University of Cambridge and branded the Science Museum – whilst knocking out dozens of stamps and hundreds of posters. He’s written a book on problem solving and more recently branding. His next book is a romp through the good and bad things he’s learned. Come and hear a few of them.

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