Students share Projects completed with Industry Professional Mentors
The RGD launched a new format of our Mentorship Program, where Students worked on a portfolio project assigned by and under the creative direction of professional Designers. Below, participants share their completed projects.


IT Cosmetics by Georgia Bellingham

Mentor: Melanie Di Tulio RGD, Canadian Paint and Coatings Association
This project was a redesign of branding and packaging for IT Cosmetics, a Canadian beauty company with values grounded in real beauty and real results for women of all ages. The new branding and packaging are designed to refresh, elevate, inspire, and engage their current audience while expanding their reach to a younger audience.
"A Special thanks to Melanie for supporting me along the way and providing helpful insight and feedback!" – Georgia Bellingham Student RGD
Truth or Squish by Victoria Emily Collins Student RGD
Truth or Squish is a bubbly icebreaker card game concept that is sold with each purchase of Squish gummy candy. All players start with a handful of candy and are dared to answer and share each of the questions printed on the cards-but be warned, the questions get harder and harder as the game goes on. With each question that goes unanswered, the next player is then rewarded a sum of your gummy bounty! Bet, eat, and dare to tell the truth!
"Thank you to my mentor Andrea for teaching me and walking me through such a fun project!" – Victoria Emily Collins Student RGD

Semi-Annual Impact Reports (Plan International Canada) by Sandra Dammizio Student RGD

Mentor: Meghan D'Mello, Plan International Canada
The project consisted of designing three versions of a tri-fold brochure, each targeting a different target demographic group: Canadian University Students, Legacy Donors and Corporate Partners. Strong emphasis was placed on creating accessible and inclusive designs within AODA standards. The aim was to help donors learn more about the impact of their donations and inspire them to continue with their support.
"I would like to thank Meghan for her generosity in time and feedback over the course of the project!" – Sandra Dammizio Student RGD

Khruangbin's Album Re-Design by Eric Espinosa Provisional RGD

Mentor: Alina Skyson, The Office of Gilbert Li
This was an album re-design for Khruangbin’s 2015 debut album 'The Universe Smiles Upon You'. With lots of interest in the band and appetite to learn about layout design, the proposed design was informed by thorough research, consideration of the album’s inception and music style.
"Many thanks to my mentor Alina who guided me through the whole process and always pushed me to get the design into its best possible form." – Eric Espinosa Provisional RGD

Giant Tiger Visual Brand Refresh by Kate Forrest Provisional RGD

Mentor: Andrew Elliott RGD, Senior Graphic Designer and Typographer
Candian retailer Giant Tiger's branding was refreshed including their line of in-house products.  simplified version of the logo sits alongside a new, retro-inspired wordmark to ease recognition across social media, advertising and online platforms, while staying true to GT’s quirky, unique identity.

Veri Brand Identity Redesign by Rayhaneh Haghgoo Provisional RGD

Mentor: Mark Roberts RGD, VP Creative Director at Davis



This project developed packaging for Veri Hand & Face Sanitizing Wipes with an intention to make the audience feel empowered and confident in protecting themselves using Veri and re-engage with the world at large.


"Special thanks to Mark Roberts RGD, Craig McCrindle, Jeff Costigan and Celeste Mendonca for their encouragement and guidance during this
creative process." – Rayhaneh Haghgoo Prov. RGD


Nokee Kwe Brand Guide & Icons by Kristie Jones Student RGD

Mentor: Katie Wilhelm RGD, Graphic Designer & Marketing Consultant



A 44-page brand guide was created for Nokee Kwe focusing on accessibility. Templates for social media posts and flyers were also developed using these guidelines on Canva and MS Powerpoint. In addition to this, 7 unique icons with the brand elements were also created.


"Special thanks to Katie for teaching me about holistic design as well as engaging with culturally-sensitive materials. Her honesty, openness and wealth of knowledge were all essential to completing this project." - Kristie Jones Student RGD


Children's T-shirt and Tote Bag for The National Ballet of Canada by Bianca Jozwiak Provisional RGD 

Mentor: Carmen Wagner, The National Ballet of Canada



Experimenting with hand-lettering, colours and typographic treatment, children's t-shirt and tote bags were designed for a volunteer-run store in the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts that operates with The National Ballet of Canada. 


The Anthropocene by Jiawen Liu Student RGD

Mentor: Jenny Vivar, Creative Director and Founder at ALUMNI
Keeping in like with Earth Day 2021's theme 'Restore Our Earth', this project developed a poster, advertising material and invitation to attend the film premiere of 'The Anthropocene debuting at this year's TIFF. The artwork can also be adapted across TIFF's digital and multiple social platforms.

2021 Navigating the New Reality (Mediabrands) by Yiming (Barry) Liu Provisional RGD

Mentor: Miriam Blier, Associate Director and Visual Communications at IPG Mediabrands



In this project, the logo, visual identity and the swags items were redesigned for the Annual Client Summit of Mediabrand Canada. Digital videos and indoor event vignettes were also refreshed. 


"Thank you to the RGD for having this program for us and to my mentor, Miriam who helped me better understand the design and time management. I am very fortunate to be able to show my skills and add such beautiful design to my portfolio." – Yiming (Barry) Liu Prov. RGD


Veri Wipes by Selena Mangoni Provisional RGD

Mentor: Ian Greener, Senior Designer at Davis



This branding an packaging for Veri Wipes embraces personality of a Hero that keeps individuals as well as the environment safe. The packaging and wipes are biodegradable.


"Special thanks to the RGD for the opportunity and to Ian and the rest of the DAVIS team for teaching me a lot that has helped me land my first job." Selena Mangoni Prov. RGD


The Brewery Market Rebrand by Lucas Postlethwaite Provisional RGD

Mentor: Taralyn Carver RGD, Jane Doe Studio



This rebranding of the Brewery Market beer festival in Ottawa refocuses its visual identity around playfulness and community-
oriented vision, reflecting both the park itself and the families who attend. Through the chalk drawings found on farmers’ market chalkboards and children's sidewalk art, the new branding integrates with the original branding.  



"Thank you to Taralyn for guiding me through this really fun and challenging project!" – Lucas Postlethwaite Prov. RGD


Email Newsletter, Social Media Motion Graphics for MoMA by Kathy-Ann Scantlebury Provisional RGD

Mentor: James Kuo RGD, Design Director at Design Platform



An email newsletter was designed accompanied by a social media video for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to promote their Covid-19 policies, current and upcoming exhibitions and reopening to full capacity to their subscribers and members.

"Thank you, James, for everything you taught me and all the experiences you shared. I have learned so much from you and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity you have given me." - Kathy-Ann Scantlebury Prov. RGD


Butterfly by Kathrin Teh Student RGD

Mentor: Grace Cho, Associate Creative Director at Rethink



Butterly is a donut shop that specializes in making custom donuts. The heart of what makes Butterly unique is their changing, transformative nature; this is conveyed graphically through the modular design of the logo and colour palette. The donut icons and pattern designs used interchangeably create a unique brand identity.


ARC Healthcare Solutions Rebranding by Celina Zhong Student RGD

Mentor: Carolyn Harman RGD, Creative Principal at Carolyn Harman Design and Graphic Designer with the City of Ottawa



The goal was to rebrand an existing Ottawa-based healthcare company focusing on endoscope reprocessing solutions. Under the guidance of Carolyn Harman, a new logo, business cards, letterhead design, a banner and mobile/desktop mock-ups were developed.


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