Sustainability Projects by RGD Members

Projects by Backcountry Branding, C(Group, Deloitte, Design de Plume and Hangar 18 Design Continuum.


Geordie Allen RGD and the team at C(Group updated the logo for the Circular Innovation Council (formerly, Recycling Council of Ontario) to reflect the organization’s new focus on circular economy.
Multiple circles in line with one another and all ending at different points, utilizes the spacing to portray the concept of different parts of the circular business model and different economic concepts collaborating together to reach a common goal. The colours blue, green and orange were chosen to show action and represent the three aspects of sustainability; social, economic and environmental.
Jon Allison RGD and the team at Backcountry Branding designed packaging for Galloping Goose Coffee Roasters to reflect their philosophy of a collective and intention to affect real change in the industry for both farmers and our planet.
Created using aluminum, the packaging design style and tone are refined but approachable. Graphics and imagery create a clean, contemporary but grounded look highlighting a visual story of the coffee’s origin, roasting and brewing throughout the brand’s many touchpoints.
Mélissa Deschênes RGD and the team at Design de Plume developed a Grass Carp Awareness Video Campaign for Invasive Species Centre, an organization protecting Canada’s land and water from invasive species.
The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness about grass carp and how it would affect the general public directly. Beginning with people enjoying the lake, swimming and fishing, the video features a variety of topics in quick sequence highlighting the cultural and social impact of grass crap while reducing native fish diversity and creating murky water conditions, how other wildlife and plants will be affected and finally how to identify, catch and report grass carp. The video was illustrated and animated in-house at Design de Plume’s studio.
The in-house team at Deloitte Canada developed an internal campaign to create climate-focused thought leadership documents tailored to specific industries, build connections with clients to accelerate their climate action journey and create an interactive website to drive traffic.

Launched within 4-weeks, the campaign through social media and short teaser spots sparked interest and drove traffic to the website.



Vida Jurcic RGD and the team at Hangar 18 Design Continuum developed a campaign for the City of Vancouver to raise awareness and encourage the usage of heat pump technology over fossil fuel natural gas for heating and cooling to reduce its negative impact on the planet.

Inspired by the flowing lines of contour drawings, the campaign communicates how heat pumps can do it all: keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Using City of Vancouver’s colour palette and illustrations, the campaign covers the diverse demographics, situations and benefits of using heat pumps.