The RGD's Website to get a New Look in 2023

Toronto-based Context Creative has signed on to redesign the RGD's website in the coming year. 


"Redesign of such a vital conduit as the RGD website requires diverse skill sets, an appreciation for collaborative insights, keenness of perception and a healthy blend of purposeful creativity. It’s an opportunity and challenge that the team at Context Creative embraces to the fullest," offers Lionel Gadoury RGD, Principal, Director of Strategy and Creative Services at Context Creative. "We are uniquely suited to the task and are well-aligned in our values and the ways that we work."
The Context Creative team working on the website includes Lionel Gadoury RGD, Principal, Director of Strategy and Creative Services, Christine Caruso, Strategy & Copywriting, Katrina Lovrick and Joanna Poon, UX/UI Leads, and Dave Hurds RGD, Creative Design.
“No one could have predicted how quickly and significantly the events of 2020 would impact the way that services are delivered. Kudos to the RGD for successfully pivoting and evolving the manner in which it engages Members and delivers value. Remote work, videoconferencing and digital collaboration are now core parts of our lives and the need for a digital transformation of websites is all the more acute,” explains Lionel
Further, “A good user experience is always essential, but even more so for the RGD as its website must deliver across such a broad range of users and needs. An evermore robust, digital-first, data-enabled, design-savvy and highly-efficient approach for sustaining the RGD website is key.”
With focus on accessibility, UX and UI, the RGD's new website is set to launch in 2023. Stay Tuned!