Dokkaebier Branding & Packaging

Designed by DKB Brands' In-House Team


"I was blown away by the minimalist design. The product concept is simple, clean, easy to distinguish, and elusive even. It begs to be picked up and examined. The stop animation in the socials felt quirky, just like the beer. The socials continued the narrative and pushed the mystery that surrounds the product. It doesn’t take long for curiosity to spark a conversation about it. Like any great design, this lures you in and holds you in place for contemplation."

— Sheela Ramtuhol Prov. RGD, Judge


Inspired by the “dokkaebi,” a shape-shifting Korean folklore creature, this distinctive logo and visual identity highlights the playful spirit and Korean influence behind the brand. The can design is separated into two categories: “experimental” using white labels to indicate carte blanche flavours and “core brews” using colour labels with unique design pulled from Korean folk art. As one of the first craft beer brands to infuse Asian ingredients, the packaging uses illustrations and icons to educate consumers on the different flavour profiles. Since its launch in February 2020, Dokkaebier has grown organically, raising $360k in sales in California alone. Dokkaebier was selected as a finalist for 2020 Brewbound Pitch Slam Competition and has carried out successful collaborations including one with Minari (Oscar nominated movie of 2021). Proceeds were used to help the AAPI community.