FINALIST: Jazmin Lihou, Toronto

Jazmin is a designer and art director with a passion for uplifting brands with strong social values that are actively contributing to their communities.


"The 2021 RGD Ultrabold submissions were filled with top quality work, but one project that stood out was Club Fed by Jazmin Lihou. Graphic design systems can sometimes lose sight of the intent, and follow trends in order to appear successful. Club Fed remained truthful to the palette of Dave’s Killer Bread, while adding a sophisticated design language that effectively conveyed Dave’s history. Jazmin created visually-stunning and logistically-challenging touch points throughout the activation, sharing positive messages with the community."  — Karl Chen, Associate Creative Director, Mosaic North America


Jazmin's award-winning work has helped bring awareness to those left to get through rehabilitation alone after prison, supported working-class women in Bolivia and reconnected struggling restaurants with their patrons in post-pandemic New York. Jazmin advocates the value of design by building connections with her clients while outlining the importance of accountability to audiences.