Matthew Clark RGD designs 2022 Certification Sticker with brighter days in mind

A new year means a new Certification Sticker for Certified RGDs. Matthew Clark RGD, Founder and Creative Director at Subplot Design Inc., explores the story and process behind his design for the 2022 Sticker.


After the Communications Committee selected Matthew to create the Sticker, he very quickly knew what he wanted to design for it.

“My normal [design] process involves considerable brow-furrowing, pacing, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Probably not the best process to stick with all these years, but there you have it. It usually also involves a high number of concepts, iterations, experimentations, etc. This time, the idea came in a flash, up-ending my usual mental gymnastics. I had one, simple, clear idea that focused on a hope for sunnier days in 2022 – and it was one that I knew the RGD would appreciate. Much to my happiness, they loved it.”

A sketch of the 2022 Certification Sticker. The sticker shows the numbers 2022, but the 0 looks like a rising sun instead of a 0. The sketch is on a grid.

Matthew's initial sketch for the Sticker.


“We are literally witnessing the dawn in and of 2022,” Matthew says about his design for the Sticker. “A new year that could not come any sooner for many of us.”


The yearly RGD Certification Sticker is not only a signifier of a Certified RGD's ongoing commitment to professional and ethical practice, but it's also a marker capturing the essence of the year for which it was designed.


“I hope this sticker makes Certified RGDs smile – both for the bit of wit in the design, and in the possibility for a brighter 2022 in every way.”


In the new year, the Sticker will be distributed to Certified RGD Members across Canada to be added to their RGD Certificates and Membership cards.




This initiative has welcomed designs from RGD Members across Ontario over the past nine years, including:

2013: Phil Mondor RGD in Kitchener

2015: Design de Plume in Sudbury

2016: Goodall Integrated Design in Toronto

2017: Michael Zavacky RGD in Ottawa

2018: Kyle Greenwood RGD in Toronto

2019: Jennifer Weaymouth RGD in Toronto

2020: Rod McDonald RGD in Halifax

2021: Mel Sutjiadi RGD in Calgary


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