RGD Webinar: So Good. So What?

There is a growing interest among designers to do good work for good causes. But with so many different ways to approach it, how do we actually define design for social good?


RGD Webinar: Not Good Enough

January 19, 2022


Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Principal & Creative Director at LOKI, and Jay Wall RGD, Principal & Creative Director at RallyRally, as they discuss design and social justice.


  • Highlights from Kevin's design career and participation in activist communities;
  • Reflections on the language of socially-engaged design and why Kevin was inspired to write First Things Now;
  • How the work of designers owes credit to social movements;
  • Strategies for embedding social justice in the design process itself;
  • The challenges (and wins!) of running a small design studio and walking the talk;
  • A glimpse into Kevin's forthcoming book, Design Against Design.



RGD Webinar: So Good. So What?

December 2, 2021


How do we make a real impact? How do we choose what issues to focus on? As we kick off the 2022 So(cial) Good Design Awards, our international panel will unpack the term “social good design”, share their unique perspectives and show concrete examples of how designers can use their skills to create positive change.


Moderated by Jay Wall RGD, Principal & Creative Director, RallyRally



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