Find all the Forms & Agreements you need for your Design Practice on the RGD's Website

From client brief to billing docket to employee contract to copyright agreement, the RGD has organized and made available all the forms & agreements that you'd require for your design practice on our website. 


While these documents have been included in the RGD Handbook, they seemed to be used only by a few who were aware of them. With an aim to provide easy access to this resource, we have now listed them under the 'Forms & Agreements' tab in the 'Resources' section of our website. 


The forms & agreements also include a guide on how and when to use them with special considerations for solo and in-house designers where applicable.


"Drafting forms and agreements is a necessary but challenging part of our profession requiring considerable additional knowledge outside of our forte. We saw value in making these forms provided in the RGD Handbook accessible to all through the website. This initiative reiterates the RGD's commitment to provide tools and resources to support designers and their work," offers Elyse Maxwell RGD, Chair & VP, Membership Committee


This document library will give creatives at each level an understanding of various documents they need to develop operational processes to streamline managing work with their clients. Ultimately, raising the standard of professional conduct within the design industry as a whole. In an on-going effort, the Membership Committee is now focused on expanding this resource by updating the forms, adding new documents and creating a comprehensive library of administrative tools. 

"Nobody likes doing paperwork. With this new document library, we hope to reduce the guesswork of the administrative processes that inevitably come with design work, so designers can spend less time doing paperwork and more time designing." - Evelyn Csiszar RGD who is spearheading this initiative with Ian Chalmers RGD and Ruth Farrugia RGD


View the sample forms & agreements here.


It is to be noted that these forms and sample agreements are generic and not intended to be used as is. They are provided as a source of information and reference only. 


You have any questions or suggestions, please contact our in-house Graphic Designer, Sissa Morgado Provisional RGD, at