Presentations to RGD's Student Committee are up on YouTube
The RGD has created a YouTube playlist of presentations by industry professionals who have spoken at the RGD Student Committee's monthly meetings. 
The first Tuesday of every month, the RGD Student Committee meets virtually to learn about what the RGD is up to, advise on RGD programs and initiatives and ask questions. Each meeting begins with a 1/2 hour presentation an industry professional who is active in the Association. 
The RGD's Student Committee also works to help raise student awareness about all that the RGD has to offers and provide a network to unite design students in Canada. Their recent initiatives include the #HeyRGD design challenges for students to showcase their work online and launch of the RGD Emerging Designer Network on Discord.

Access the playlist here

The playlist features presentations by:
Student RGDs interested in joining the Committee can email at  .