What we Learned at the 2022 Creative Directions Conference

The RGD's career development conference took place in February 14. Below we share some lessons and insights from our speakers. 


"Enter a space with a brave energy —  be up for a challenge, engage in the messiness of self-growth and trust in the process to experience the outcome, whatever that may be."
Diana Varma RGD, Gaining Confidence When You Don’t *Feel* Confident 
"When you're starting out, it is the time to get yourself known more and more and to create designs you love allowing you to actually showcase them and attract more of who you want to work with." 
— Lauren Gonzalez, How To Get Clients When You're Just Starting Out
"It all starts with defining why you want to be on a certain social media platform. Knowing your strategy for using social media will be key for you to to be successful on any platform." 
— Tara Clark, How A Professional Social Media Presence Is Key For Landing Your Dream Role
"The best way to work smarter, not harder is by giving yourself time to recharge creatively, whatever that is, find it and block off time to do it." 
— Brienne Lim, All Star Rookies  
"Think of your freelance career as an actual business — you are the CEO, the administrative assistant and everything else.This changes the way you operate, your outlook, your behaviour and makes you a lot more successful."
Aaron James, 21 Ways To Shift Your Mindset And Freelance More Effectively

"Humanize yourself. We're constantly trying to help our clients find their authentic voice, but we often forget to do that for ourselves."

— Jennifer Hood, Our 4 Cents

"We all need to rethink how fulfillment and purpose can be cultivated and sustained in an increasingly contract based economy."
— Rachel Gogel, Dear Boss, You Need Help
"Reputation unlocks the door to win the big budgets and over time you can build reputation through leadership and by building an audience." 
Michael Janda, Let's Up the Budget; How to Sell Your Clients on Spending More
Session recordings and speaker slide decks are available to the attendees until May 1 on PheedLoop. All recordings will be available to RGD Member in the Members-only section of the website by mid-May.