Posters by Two of our Ukrainian Members
The violence perpetrated by Russia in Ukraine has been devastating for Ukrainians all over the world. Yurko Gutsulyak RGD and Alexey Makhinko RGD share posters they've designed to raise awareness about the Russian invasion and garner support.

Yurko Gutsulyak RGD


Posters designed by Yurko Gutsulyak RGD


"On February 24, 2022, Russia has started a full-scale war against Ukraine. There is nothing new about Russian aggression towards its neighbouring countries, especially Ukraine. For centuries Russia killed Ukrainians and tried to obliterate the Ukrainian culture. Numerous generations of Russians supported that hostility silently or actively. According to recent research, more than half the population of Russia openly supports the war against Ukraine. Wholeheartedly, I stand with Ukraine. As a designer, I see my mission to raise awareness about this evil crime, explain the origin of shameful Russian hatred and encourage people around the globe to help Ukraine in all possible ways. We, the designers, are proud of our talents, we have the power to change the world and we keep mentioning that constantly during peaceful times. Now is the time to act and show what we are worth in practice. Show that you care, raise your voice and support Ukraine." 


Alexey Makhinko RGD


"This war already took so many lives of innocent people, kids, women, seniors—the total destruction of small towns and devastating bombardment of large cities such Kharkiv and Mariupol. Bombs and rockets fall on the Theatres, Art Centres, Museums and many apartment buildings.
"UWC & #NoFlyZone" Social Media Posts designed by Alexey Makhinko RGD
I have family in many corners of Ukraine. Relatives from Kharkiv fleed the city under the constant shelling and are now scattered around Ukraine and Europe. It is tough to watch and hear the news each day. It feels like one long day; sometimes, I can't even tell if that is Monday or Saturday today. 
My wife and I donated to the charities, participated in the fundraising Art auction and provided food and medical supplies for humanitarian cargo. We also created posters to communicate the anti-war messages. We are doing what we can to help our community in Canada and back home. 

"Shelter our Sky" and "Russian Peace Poster" by Tatiana Rusanovska, Illustrator.

I was genuinely touched when some of my fellow RGD colleagues emailed me, offered help and asked how my relatives were doing. Thank you! As communicators, I am sure our association can be united and help spread the messages that support the Ukrainian people in this historic fight for their right to be an independent, democratic and free society."
"Now you know the name of these Ukrainian towns" Posters designed by Alexey Makhinko RGD
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