Presentations from DTVAN help us design a better future

Earlier this month at DesignThinkers Vancouver, we saw designers come together to learn and have conversations about the crucial topics affecting society and industry alike. Below we share slides from six presentations catapulting us to design a better future. 


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Developing a Critical Lens for Inclusive Design

Tammy Tsang, Co-founder, AndHumanity

In this talk, Tammy demystifies what inclusion looks like in marketing. She explains how designers can work with their teams to develop and create more inclusive work and outlines how to develop a critical lens for identifying processes and design that cause erasure and learn how to begin to apply more inclusive design practices in a broken system through safe and brave spaces in co-design.


Abolitionist Design

Terresa Moses, Creative Director, Blackbird Revolt
As intentional artists, we have a responsibility to disrupt, dismantle and destroy systems of oppression. The design industry has the time, money and resources to use design to hold space for the voices of systematically oppressed communities while we work towards a collective future free from violence. In this talk, Terresa explores our role as designers and our duty to engage in design with an abolitionist mindset which she argues is the only means to collective liberation.

Sustainable Design Practices

In this talk, Emma shares essentials of green graphic design and how to run a sustainable, eco-friendly low-impact design studio. This presentation covers current best practices for environmental standards for print design, certifications, environmental policies and why it's important to consider environmental impact in your business, both for clients and for our planet.

Don't be an Asshole: The Power of Being Kind in the Workplace

Grace Cho, Creative Director, Rethink
In this talk, Grace discusses how acting with love and kindness in the workplace has a multitude of benefits — from creating trust to delivering tangible business results.

Conflict Management for Creatives

Emily Cohen, Consultant to Creative Principals
In this talk, Emily shows how to improve your relationships with coworkers, clients and managers through strategies that navigate conflict in the workplace. She discusses effective conflict resolution techniques that help better manage your emotions, avoid the blame game, engage constructively and work through conflict in a step-by-step manner. 

Systems Thinking & Creative Strategy

Douglas Davis, Strategist, Author & Professor
In this talk, Douglas identifies the role of the creative in an environmental shift that requires decentralized decision making, knowledge of forecasting and operations to design new systems. Though everything is changing, you’ll still be expected to answer client problems with creativity that’s on-brand, on strategy and on message.

Registration for DesignThinkers Toronto taking place October 27-28 (both in-person and streaming) is now open. Confirmed speakers include Gene Lee, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Mailchimp; Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Author, Speaker, Coach and Strategist, Bráulio Amado

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