Acadia University amends logo contest after outreach from the RGD
Acadia University. An old building with a clock tower is in the background, with a large sign in the foreground that says Acadia University, established 1838.
Following outreach and consultation from the RGD, Acadia University has amended their speculative logo contest to an RFP process that is in line with industry best practices.


The RGD was alerted to the spec contest by a Member. Soliciting logo entries from Indigenous artists for their Indigenous Centre, Welkaqnik, the contest offered to pay the selected entrant $2,000.


The RGD responded on Acadia's Facebook post, which was met with support and solidarity from other design professionals.



The RGD also emailed the contact in charge of the initiative, recommending Acadia review our Ethical Best Practices for Competitions and Contests. Acadia was very receptive to our concerns and feedback, and agreed to change the logo initiative to an RFP, with no spec work required, instead. The new RFP will be published in the coming weeks.


“It's important to listen, learn and make changes when you've been called in, so we're pleased that Acadia University has chosen to update their call for logo entries after our feedback,” says Xandr Sutjiadi RGD, Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee. “Indigenous designers deserve to be paid for their work. We're glad to see that their time, skills and resources will be valued through the new direction for this initiative.”


The RGD commends Acadia University for valuing Indigenous designers and for their diligence in taking immediate action to change their initial contest to an ethical alternative.