6 User-focused Projects from the RGD's 2022 Student Awards Entries

UX is an extremely in-demand area of design today and is now an integral part of most communication design curricula. Below we present a few UX-based project entries for our 2022 Student Awards. 


Waste Wiz App

by Michael Coles Student RGD, Angel West Student RGD & Tommy Bui Student RGD, Conestoga College in Kitchener, ON

The modern and visually pleasing fictitious redesign of the Region of Waterloo's water management app makes it more user-friendly and educational for a diverse range of users. The app was developed taking into consideration the design of the original app and waste management apps for the surrounding regions.


Dandy Website
by Myrrha Boné Student RGD, Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, AB

The Dandy Brewing Company is Alberta's first nano brewery located in Calgary. This fictitious redesign of their website reorganizes their landing page to make it easy to use and navigate and to feature the most important information on one page for quick access and to intrigue users to explore further. The redesign also creates an interactive “scrolling experience” that can be adapted to both desktop and phones.



Manesha Dulay Student RGD, Wilson School of Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, BC

Sanissingni is a service-based website to aid women in NWT who are victims of partner violence to leave abusive relationships with guidance and free transportation to a shelter. The websites use images sparingly taking into account that victims may need to load the site quickly and discreetly with poor internet service. Once the user books a ride, there are features curated to the user situation including option to approve drives and give pick-up instructions, a "collapse" option for the app, receiving verification code in the subject line of the email with no other content, an "exit now" button to close the browser window and delete the site from browser history and more. 
Pocket Pass - Travel Advisory during COVID

Suyue Liao Student RGD, York University in Toronto, ON

Pocket Pass is an app that provides users all the COVID-19 related information they need when travelling. The app is designed to gather pre-travel requirements based on the user’s current location and their destination with customizable reminders, creating a personalized experience for the users. The app also lets the user know if they need to get a test, helps them to book an appointment and shows them the closest place to get tested.


Introdeuce App – Squamish Vocab Game

by Elizabeth Lin Student RGD, Tina Trinh Student RGD & Alba Palomar Robisco Student RGD, Capilano University in Vancouver, BC

This app aims to revitalize the Squamish language and enhance the learning experience through an AR scanner providing users with pronunciations, facts and a fun animation. Knowing our target audience, the products were designed with approachability and ease of use in mind. The illustration is a mix of realism and stylization with an emphasis on simplified shapes and energetic colours. Gotham Rounded, a friendly and approachable font, welcoming design with rounded edges and legibility choices ensure that learning is made not only easy but fun.


Near Me Bathroom Finder App
by Jason Low Student RGD, Capilano University in Vancouver, BC

Near Me is an app for individuals who struggle with gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, Crohn's and Colitis and will benefit from knowing where the closest bathroom is when outdoors. The app is designed to provide quick and clear information to the users about the closest bathrooms such as private/single stalls, gender neutral/LGBTQ+ friendly stalls, if you need a key or to make a purchase at the establishment before you can use the bathroom, accessibility features, photos of the bathroom and more. It uses existing Google UI standards to make it easy to use and familiar for the users.

The judging has begun and winners will be announced in September. Stay tuned!