RGD Website Redesign: Celebrating the not-so-lazy days of summer

Here is an update on the RGD's website refresh from Lionel Gadoury RGD, Principal, Director of Strategy and Creative Services at Context Creative. The new website will launch in 2023.


“Moving forward together — it’s the surest path to success and freshly appropriate as an adage for UX design and this update on the RGD website project that’s currently underway. Although this is more of a tease than a full taste of what’s to come, hopefully there’s value in anticipation!
I became an RGD more than 15 years ago and served on the Board from 2006 through 2014. We were thrilled when Context Creative was invited last September to lead the latest evolution of the RGD website. We had a few butterflies too, appreciating the unique challenge of designing for a community that includes our professional peers.
Just as summer’s bounty starts by planting seeds and tending sprouts, we’ve been working closely with the RGD's Design Committee and Staff for many months, and are now seeing the fruits of our labours as our design comes to life.
The process started last fall and has moved smoothly through initial research and needs assessment, to information architecture and site navigation, to wireframes and user testing. At every step, we actively listen, ask questions, envision opportunities and find ways to advance collaboratively.
In a world of seemingly endless posturing, the RGD has truly earned its role as a leader in the design community by continually seeking to improve upon what exists. With a respected reputation as Canada's largest organization for graphic design and related professionals and a "hub for design" in Canada, the RGD's site is very much that — a centrepoint for communications, creativity and community.
For the new website, our task is to make the breadth and depth of resources available to the RGD Members central to the experience. Leading by example, being authentic and helping others to build a strong, supportive community is core to the RGD’s DNA and will help reinforce its mandate to advance professional standards and advocate for the value of design.
Much of the content on the website is generated from leading communications and design practitioners, so showcasing the incredible range and diversity of work, standing up for what matters, being inclusive and valuing people’s input from places far and wide are core elements in the new design. And as always, a commitment to great and accessible design is unwavering.
A good user experience is always essential, but even more so for the RGD as the website must engage a broad range of users, delivering evermore robust, digital-first, data-enabled, design-savvy and highly-efficient experiences. Working together, we aim to do our very best to sustain the RGD site on this path.”