Branding by Studio Millie accentuates Ember Wellness' core values and simplicity

By Caitlin Wharton RGD, Founder & Creative Director at Studio Millie




Ember Wellness is a thoughtful skincare brand that came to us looking for an equally thoughtful name, design and messaging. With a heightened awareness of their social and environmental impact, the Ember team was looking for a new name and aesthetic for their already thriving business, one that spoke to their values and vision. From bottle to box, we crafted each element with intention.




With ethical sourcing and traceable ingredients, we wanted to ensure that the brand identity reflected the business’ core values of sustainability and simplicity. It was important that all of the assets of the brand worked together to create a simple and minimal appearance that complements rather than clashes with natural materials like kraft, cork and recycled paper.




The result of this project is a new name, messaging, packaging design and website that all work in cohesion to create an upscale, earthy and, ultimately, thoughtful brand. The aesthetic feels elemental, capturing not only fire but also earth, water and air. The timeless palette pulls inspiration from minerals, clays and other terrestrial building blocks.


The wordmark is clean and fashion-forward and doesn’t corner itself in femininity or age demographics. Though bold, the tracked-out letters make the mark feel airy and bright. The graphics too span generations of women. The set of feminine silhouettes represents women at all stages of their life, celebrating each in turn. The continuous line aesthetic of the illustrations gives the impression of fire; a single strand of smoke curling upwards like when you blow out a candle.


We were also lucky enough to provide the art direction for a set of stunning model and product shots which breathe life into the brand and really give meaning to the words ‘Ember Glow.’ Additionally, this project provided a first at Studio Millie, the design of an LED light therapy mask.


This project is ongoing as Ember remains one of our active clients. We are always looking for new ways to refresh the website and are currently working on a new packaging suite. Much of their first run of products has sold out so this is the perfect time to shake up some of the design details.



Creative Direction: Caitlin Wharton RGD
Photography: Christie Vuong
Operations: Jadel Baldrey 
Graphic Design and Copywriting: Jean Merrick
Graphic Design: Radhika Maheshwari
Graphic Design: Madison Newey


Special thanks to Amanda Schuler for trusting us with her business.


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