The RGD's Membership Committee is looking for Members to take on new initiatives

The RGD's Membership Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers working to enhance the Membership experience by continuously looking for ways to make it more valuable and supportive for Members. 


Last year, the Committee worked on a number of important initiatives including the development of the 2022 So(cial)Good Design Awards, a guide to assist new Members of the RGD Board & Committees and an online document library featuring templates for a number of useful forms for designers and managers.
The Committee meets once a month for a virtual, one-hour meeting. Outside of the monthly meetings, Committee Members work in sub-groups on Committee goals for a few hours a month.
"The Membership Committee is full of passionate designers who care about doing the best for our Members and the design community. It's been really fun and rewarding to have a hand in shaping the RGD's Member resources and benefits, all while making friends and connections in the industry that last a lifetime," offers Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Director of UX Design & Strategy, Founder, Collective Experience Inc.
"Being on the Membership Committee has been a wonderful experience.  The meetings are fun (imagine that!) and it is amazing to see the results of everyone's work. I'm proud to be working with my sub-committee on making the virtual communities initiative even more valuable for the Members," says Ruth Farrugia RGD, Graphic Designer, Department of Public Affairs and Communications. 
The Committee is inviting Members to join to make a positive impact on the RGD community by helping to achieve a new set of goals established for 2022-2023. 

Apply here to join the Membership Committee

Virtual Communities 
- Examine ways to support and develop the existing Virtual Communities.
Book Club
- Investigate how we can bring back the Design Book Club and make recommendations for a new virtual program for RGD Members.
Slack Community
- Investigate how to utilize the RGD's existing Slack Community to best support our Membership and increase engagement.
Member Orientation
- Run and investigate ways to support and improve the quarterly orientation "Welcome Wagons" for new RGD Members.
Branding Awards*
- Develop and implement the RGD's new branding focused awards program to be run on a 3 year rotation with the So(cia) Good Design Awards and the In-House Design Awards.
*This sub-committee is full.
DesignThinkers Membership Booth
- Recruit and schedule volunteers to run the Member Booth during DesignThinkers 2022 Toronto (Oct 27-28) and contribute ideas on drawing people to the booth and engaging with them during the event.
Other RGD Committees are Certification CommitteeDiversity & Inclusion CommitteeEducation CommitteeEvents Committee and Provisional Committee. While the Membership Committee is actively recruiting new Members, if you wish to join another Committee, please fill out the form provided above and we'll be in touch about openings.