SLD Award for Packaging Design (Series) Winners (Tie): Ethan Woronko & Katryna Yasinski
Winning Projects:

Award Sponsored by Shikatani Lacroix Design


Keero Cricket Protein Noodles

Packaging designed for s fictitious company Keero, producing sustainable cricket protein noodles made with simple ingredients. The packaging is representative of the brands ideals, keeping it minimum both in material and design. The package window and colours makes the type and shape of the noodles easily identifiable and the packages also provides educational information about cricket protein and how best to cook it. 

Educator Support: Dominique Walker 





Packaging for Scatterbox, a brand re-inventing cat litter market is designed keeping in mind the enigmatic personality of cats. The wordmark is adapted from a bold, stylized serif font Bely Display and given a cheekiness by adding whiskers to the crossbars on the t’s, which also creates the allusion of cat ears at the geometric points at the top. The print  prominently features in the packaging captures the feeling experienced by cat owners — varied, unpredictable and fun. The brightness of the colours gives the packaging energy and verve, while analogous colour schemes keep the pattern feeling unified and under control. The prints for the three product variations were chosen to evoke the spirit of the product material. Since the product is made from natural and biodegradable ingredients, the icons and colour selections reinforce that message. The design is flexible to be adapted to a variety of applications.


Educator Support: Valery Goulet



Honourable Mentions:



  • Liz Boyer, Founder/Designer at Chalk, Montreal, QC

  • Sherry Jang, Senior Designer at Carter Hales Design Lab, Vancouver, BC

  • Ashley McCarthy RGD, Senior Graphic Designer at RouteThis, Hamilton, ON

  • Gary Oakley, Creative Director at SLD, Toronto, ON

  • Dave Watson, VP, Executive Creative Director, Design at Mosaic North America, Toronto, ON