52 Pick-up Award for Typography Winner: Mary Getsen

Winning Project: The Parcel From The Future: Biomimicry + Design

By Mary Getsen, George Brown College, Toronto, ON


Award sponsored by 52 Pick-up


The Parcel From The Future: Biomimicry + Design
One day you step outside and find an unfamiliar parcel coming from 2072.
 A futuristic project, exploring evolution of graphic design and typography in 2072, through the lens of biomimicry. It not only reimagines the graphic design practice from the perspective of functionality and production, but also explores the future of the visual form and type. The primary typeface UBU_Habak, merges strict geometry with fluidity of stems, illustrating such possible transformations in the future. The secondary typeface is a Sans Serif Degular, used for long-form body copy, is coupled with monospaced Courier to highlight captions and short blurbs of text. The last typeface Quench is used for the logo and meant for internal communications of the imagery MIMIC network of designers from the future. The typefaces are barely decipherable for us today but may be easily read by designers from 2072. Since its letterforms are understood only by people of 2072, it should be paired with transcription text when used in materials directed for the readers in 2022. 
Educator Support: Paul Haslip RGD


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