Context Creative Award for Storytelling Winners (Tie): Yun Chen & Topher D'Penha
Winning Projects: 
• Welcome Home
By Yun Chen, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON

• Porcelain's Missing Kibble
By Topher D'Penha, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON


Award sponsored by Context Creative




Welcome Home 

Welcome home is a pop-up book designed to teach children about kindness. The book has different pop-up formats designed to gather children's attention with diverse illustrations and imagery. The most important being the first one, depicting the forest and inner world of the story and the second being the joyful daily routine, depicted using several spot illustrations. Same artistic approach is applied to the different sections to bring it together cohesively. 


Educator Support: Rick Sealock




Porcelain's Missing Kibble

Porcelain's Missing Kibble is a children's book about a cat who is trying to find her missing breakfast! The book uses highly saturated hues to capture a child's attention and easy but fun rhyming phrases to keep them interested. The lead character, Porcelain's is designed to have big eyes to draw viewers into her expressions and lead them to through the story from her perspective. Dynamic poses and compositions help with the flow of the story and character movements.
Educator Support: Hyein Lee RGD


Honourable Mentions



  • Sarah Jackson RGD, Owner & Art Director at The Office of Sarah, Edmonton, AB

  • Sarah Riley, Chief Strategy Officer at R&G, Halifax, NS

  • Catherine Ryan, Senior Designer at Context Creative, Toronto, ON