Gravity Inc. Award for Social Good Design Winner: Mary Getsen

Winning Project: The Parcel From The Future: Biomimicry + Design

By Mary Getsen, George Brown College, Toronto, ON


Award sponsored by Gravity Inc.


The Parcel From The Future: Biomimicry + Design
One day you step outside and find an unfamiliar parcel coming from 2072.
 A futuristic project, exploring environmentally and socially sound evolution of graphic design and typography in 2072, through the lens of biomimicry. Biomimicry is a practice of learning from nature and applying that knowledge to human design challenges. The concept is shared through a parcel that comes from the network of biomimetic designers called MIMIC and includes a biomimicry manifesto and a series of letters. The manifesto outlines 6 biomimicry principles and draws parallels between living organisms and implemented design applications in 2072. The letters (in the format of fold-out posters) are written by designers from the future, who share their expertise with us, designers from 2022. 

Educator Support: John Baljkas



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