Andrew Reutsky Provisional RGD, Toronto
Andrew Reutsky Provisional RGD is an award-winning art director who loves advertising... but not the advertising intended just to push a sale. He loves smart, strategic work that helps solve real-world problems and also enjoys fun, lighthearted work that makes people smile.

"Andrew has powerfully persuasive, high concept and ethical work that looks fantastic." — Wilson Wong, Judge and Partner and Creative Director at Everbrave


Born into a family of doctors in Siberia, Andrew moved to Toronto to study advertising. Upon graduation, Communication Arts named him one of the 15 most promising visual communications students in the world. Now an Art Director at Leo Burnett, he has never stopped being a student.
He has worked with many Fortune 500, international companies as well as local businesses across a range of industries, creating media agnostic and 360, integrated advertising campaigns. And his work has received national and international recognition, getting featured in some of the industry’s leading publications.
He is a reliable, respectful person with great attention to detail. His work has a special place in his heart, and he strives to make the world a better place through it. He spends his evenings creating and consuming art, hanging out with friends and meeting new ones.