Jennica Robinson Provisional RGD, Sudbury
Jennica Robinson Provisional RGD is an Anishinaabe Kwe and a member of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation on Manitoulin Island (Mnidoo Mnising). She is a Senior Graphic Designer at Design de Plume, a women-led, Indigenously-owned design firm focused on inclusive, approachable and accessible design solutions.
"Jennica's work is beautiful and powerful, and also unusual and important. Her use of illustration and colour is superb." — Andrew Boardman RGD, Judge and Principal at Manoverboard.
Through her work, Jennica is creating a voice for those who aren’t being heard, she’s creating awareness for those that are not looking in the right direction or listening to the right representation. With each new project, she strives to communicate vital aspects of cultural and social well-being.
When she’s not at the office Jennica is supporting her community and encouraging the value and development of accessible and inclusive design locally. She’s been a part of numerous design initiatives through mentoring, conferences, award exhibitions, and fundraisers, within a leadership role as Board Director and President of the Sudbury Design Society.