Paul Twa Provisional RGD, Toronto

Paul Twa Provisional RGD is a graphic designer, illustrator and lettering artist born and raised in Edmonton. Paul graduated from the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Design program in 2018 and he relocated to Toronto in 2022 where he has been working as an independent designer and illustrator. 


"Very substantive, solid work all around. I appreciate Paul's incredible attention to detail and the research process behind his projects." — Andrew Boardman RGD, Judge and Principal at Manoverboard.


Paul's practice as a designer and illustrator is driven by a desire to create visually distinct, thoroughly studied, and intricately crafted work for clients while also maintaining a personal body of work that explores his individual voice and creativity. With a keen interest in history, Paul enjoys studying the visual culture of the past as a way to inform the work he is making today; blending the magic of maximalism with research and intention. His annual ‘Year in Review’ project documents the memorable events of each year through illustration and has been highlighted by the CBC, CTV and DesignTAXI.