Ray Dak Lam, Edmonton
Ray Dak Lam is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Edmonton, Alberta. After graduating from Grant Macewan University’s Design Studies program in 2014, he worked at various design studios and advertising agencies until he was laid off near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, he was able to build up enough clientele to begin freelancing full-time.

"Ray's work is, first of all, simply stunning. It's a visual feast. The work is layered, complex and insightful, with an emphasis on clean lines, beautiful colour and thoughtful typography." — Tyson Hynes, Judge and Partner and Creative Director at District Design Co.


Ray's work is characterized by its simplicity, utilizing vibrant colours and bold geometric forms as the basis for direct, communicative imagery. He works primarily on brand and illustration focused projects for clients around the world, including Asana, GoDaddy and McDonald's. He believes in the power of visuals to change the world for the better and bring a bit of joy to everyday life. He also believes that personal work and side projects are equally important as commercial work. To create work free from the boundaries of commercial projects allows for continued creative exploration and growth. His "Shape Studies" personal project is an ongoing exploration of line, form and colour, which you can follow along on his Instagram.