Using .DESIGN Domains to Find Beauty and Inspiration: Meet Designer Beata Csaka

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Beata Csaka loves to look for the beauty in everything. It’s what led her to become the multi-disciplinary artist that she is today.
As a young designer based in Romania, she has created a personal brand that really makes her stand out — online and off. Through both web-based and real-world projects, Beata is building her business everywhere.
Specializing in product, graphic and interior design, Beata needed a central spot where she could showcase all of her diverse projects in one beautiful place. Enter, her online portfolio that is built to let her work shine. “My website is a visual journey through some of my design projects,” she told us. “It aims to be a space for creating and cultivating my design vision through aesthetic appreciation.”
Beata has designed her site to really let her work do the talking. When you first arrive to, you are met with a simple white header that features only her logo and a small menu, highlighting her love for minimalism. But just below the fold you are met with a stunning array of her work that beautifully conveys her mission to “explore function through the perspective of aesthetics by building beautiful experiences, products and visual narratives.”
Using a .design domain name also helps to convey her brand mission and identity before someone even clicks on her website. “It represents what I do,” she told us. “Plus, I think it's cool! Some of the other choices out there are too mainstream and outdated.”
Since design itself is varied and comes in an array of forms and disciplines, being able to showcase her multiple projects in a visually appealing way is paramount. In particular, she knows that it is key to establishing why she is an expert in her field when approached by new clients. “Living in a country where people really don’t have any idea what a designer is or does, it can be hard to create something outstanding that your client approves of,” she told us. “At the same time, I also need to educate them about my role and aesthetic values.” Being able to show those values through makes that education process much easier.
If you’re a young designer looking to get started, Beata’s website also includes some of her pitch decks to clients, so you can take inspiration from some of her aesthetics and layouts.
For Beata, starting her own business has been a journey years in the making. She launched her freelance business after obtaining both her BA and MA degrees in Art and Design but, as she reminds us, it’s not just a business: “I am very proud of launching my own product and brand.”
Indeed, being able to brand yourself is more important than ever. Starting with a beautiful online presence like Beata’s, it is easy to let your work precede you. With all of her bona fides, she was the perfect person to ask for advice on how to build up your personal brand: “Ask questions. Don't be scared to make mistakes. And don't forget to keep your creative eyes open - inspiration comes from unexpected places.”
Inspiration might come from unexpected places, but we know where to find it — at
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