The RGD announces our Design Partner for our 2024 In-House Design Awards

Arcadis IBI Group will develop the branding for the RGD's 2024 In-House Design Awards, launching in November 2023.  


"We are honoured and excited to be developing the branding for the 2024 In-House Design Awards. As a small yet mighty in-house design team, our aim is to illuminate the work of in-house designers and instil a sense of pride in our profession. It is also an interesting challenge to be designing for an audience of our peers," offers Melanie Carter RGD, Graphic Designer, Arcadis IBI Group
After exploring a plethora of concepts, the team at Arcadis IBI Group has focused on a concept is cool and fresh with a focus on the audience. "Our team had a lot of fun coming up with concepts for the awards' branding. Finding the right concept to unite in-house designers was important to us. Being accustomed to strict rules applicable for in-house projects made having fewer limitations and rules a little intimidating, yet liberating," adds Melanie.  
With an understanding that in-house designers often feel isolated from one another, akin to underdogs in the broader design community, the Arcadis IBI team came up with the concept: 'The In Club'. This concept celebrates the camaraderie and innovative spirit of the in-house design community, portraying it as a creatively charged and dynamic place to be. "We delved into the essence of successful clubs, the motivations behind joining them and points of connection amongst in-house designers. We discovered that language and a resilient underdog attitude are crucial elements for our concept, which will be reflected in the branding," says Melanie
Over the past few months, the Arcadis IBI team which spans across provinces has been meeting on video calls, creating communal mood boards and using collaborative spaces to bring the 2024 In-house Design Awards branding to life. 
The 2024 In-house Design Awards will open for entries in November 2023 with a submission deadline of February 16, 2024. Winners will be presented at DesignThinkers 2024 at the Vancouver Playhouse (May 28-29).
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