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Eligibility questions, submission questions and project and category questions


Eligibility questions


What is the eligibility criteria? Will I be able to participate if my program ended in December 2022?
Short answer, very possibly! Students are eligible to enter any category if they are/were enrolled at the undergraduate level between September 2022 and August 2023. If you were enrolled in a program and have proof of enrolment in a recognized program between September 2022 and December 2022, you are eligible to enter. Students at the post-graduate level may submit entries into the categories: Accessible Design, UX, Information Design and Motion.


Can I enter if I am not an RGD Student Member?
Yes, you have the option of becoming a Student or Junior Affiliate Member to enter for free OR you can pay a fee to enter the awards if you are not a Member. The entry fee for non-Members to enter the Student Awards is $30. The fee for Student RGD Membership is $40 with Membership running until the end of August. The fee for Junior Affiliate Membership is $75 running for 12 months. Find the details of all the benefits of Membership in the various categories here.


I am enrolled in an undergraduate program in Canada, but I am not a Canadian citizen. Am I eligible to enter?
Yes, students attending public and private institutions listed as a designated learning institution by the Canadian government are eligible to enter.


I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident enrolled in an undergraduate program outside of Canada. Am I eligible to enter?
Yes, Canadian citizens and permanent residents attending public institutions outside of Canada are eligible to enter.


I was a Student Award Winner in 2022, can I enter this year?
Yes, you may enter again if you submit different work than the project that won previously. A project that received an Award may not win again in a future year.


Submission questions


How do I submit entries?
(1) Go to our Judgify Awards Page.
(2) Click 'Submit an Entry' and create a New User account. (Note: an RGD Member login will not work. Create a new account to log in to Judgify)
(3) Submit entries through the online submission form.
(4) For each project you enter, define the client and/or target audience. Describe how your design solution is relevant to them.
(5) Certain Awards require additional rational information related to the specifics of the Award.
(6) For each entry, submit no less than 1, no more than 6, images of your project (1,000 pixels wide across recommended sizing).
(7) If you are submitting a website or motion graphic, ensure that a URL to the project or a movie file is uploaded.
Please note that you can start the process at any time and save your work as you go.


What are the file requirements for submissions?
Accepted file types include jpeg, png, tiff, eps, gif and pdf, with a maximum file size of 50 MB each. We recommend that images be 1000px wide. You can upload files to our submission platform: Judgify. You will also be required to enter a project rationale other text in fields as part of each submission form.


Can I use my personal email instead of my college student email to register? Do I need to use the email on file with the RGD?
You could use any email address for your submission. Please use the name you are registered at your school with to verify your Membership.


How do I enter the First Year Award?
When completing the Entrant Profile on Judgify, there is a question to indicate if you are interested in being considered for this award. Simply select "Yes" if you are in your first year of study in a post-secondary program. You are not eligible if you are in the first year of a post-graduate program.


Project and category questions


Can I enter the same project into more than one category?
Yes, you may enter one project into as many categories as you think are relevant. The same packaging project, for example, can be submitted in both the category packaging single, the category for colour AND the category for typography. You should try to submit a tailored rationale for each category.


Can I enter a project that I entered previously?
Yes, you may enter a project that you previously entered if it was not recognized with an Award, particularly if you made changes to the project based on feedback you received from the judges in the previous year.


Is there a category for environmental graphic design/wayfinding or signage?
Yes, the Entro Award for Placemaking Design is for all work that helps build community through design interventions. In this category, you could submit a poster for an event, a website for a tourist destination OR a wayfinding system for a university. The SLD Award for Retail Design is for the design for a physical store or a virtual store created in the digital environment, so this could include signage and/or wayfinding if it was for a retail environment. Signage and wayfinding projects could also be entered for the Awards for Strategic Design, Social Good Design (if the project was in this area) or Storytelling Design.


Does the project have to have been completed in the 2022/2023 school year, or is anytime okay?
Anytime is okay! The project could be from your first year of school or even earlier! There is no eligibility criteria related to the time that the project was created.


Can I submit a first year project to be considered for the first year award even though I’m now in my 3rd year?
No, you must be a first year student as designated by your program as of January 2023 to be eligible for this award.



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