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This career week, the RGD makes available to all 5 talks to aid you in growing your creative career.  


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A Cautionary Tale of Hopes, Dreams and Rejection 

Presented by Debbie Millman at Creative Directions 2022

In a series of poignant, revealing and sometimes hysterical anecdotes, Debbie shares her journey out of heartbreak and offers insight on how the worst moment in your life can actually become the most profound and life affirming.


Sharing Personal Stories As A Form Of Activism

Presented by Timothy Goodman at DesignThinkers 2021

Timothy believes the greatest joy as a creative person is the ability to connect to another human emotionally through his work. Whether it's a large-scale public mural on the streets of NYC, a piece of writing on a Uniqlo t-shirt or writing personal stories on Instagram, he wants to start dialogues about difficult topics such as love, politics, race, therapy and mental health. 


Design Your Life And Succeed in an In-House Studio Corporate Culture

Presented by Katy Wong at the RGD's 2022 In-House Design Conference

From how to navigate projects, work and people to practical high-performance habits and wellness strategies, this talk will help you see how you can manage your career while designing your life in this often high-stakes and rewarding world.


Designing a Creative Career

Presented by Oliver Siegenthaler, Alex Center and Liza Enebeis Christopher Doyle at DesignThinkers Virtual 2020

What does it mean to be a professional creative? A collection of multi-talented creatives unpack their multiple identities, discuss how they found their purpose and define success on their own terms.


You Want to be Creative Director. Now What?

Presented by Blake Howard at DesignThinkers Toronto 2019

What does it look like to go from creator to leader? The assumption is that “Creative Director” is the universal destination for everyone in the design field, but how do you know if it’s right for you? In this talk Blake discusses the unexpected reality of being a creative leader, what’s required to get there and how to thrive in the long run.