Inside Calgary Design Studios: Bamff, Daughter Creative & Strut
Inside Three Graphic Design Studios | Calgary | Great Canadian Studio Crawl

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of three graphic design studios operating in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Bamff is a brand design studio founded by Marc Husted and Morgan Curley. Located in a charming industrial warehouse in Inglewood, Calgary's oldest neighbourhood, Bamff’s studio space is rumoured to be a former toilet factory. Commodes aren’t what it’s known for now, though — this building has been refitted into an adaptive, flexible and inspiring environment that’s shared with some of Calgary's finest creative people. Check out this sweet studio space where Bamff churns out exciting work for their clients in the hospitality, food and beverage industries.
Daughter is an award-winning, women-owned and led design and advertising agency located in Calgary, Alberta. With a refined A-team of 14, they help purpose-driven organizations get the attention they deserve. Their space boasts a bright, elongated corridor lit by the long sun of the foothills, and walls and shelves are lined with handy examples of their work and awards hardware. Take a peek into this vibrant, bustling environment that invites in just the right amount of chaos.
Strut Creative is a full-service design and technology agency specializing in branding, campaigns and digital executions. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Strutters enjoy a bright, sunny, open-concept office that features over 1,600 square feet of whiteboard walls to help them think through problems and capture all their great (and not so great) ideas. See how this dog-friendly office comes with a well-stocked fridge, pool table and game collection for when it’s time to kick back and celebrate the week’s accomplishments.
RGD’s first ever Great Canadian Studio Crawl is a virtual event featuring tours of 25 design studios, firms and agencies from coast to coast in Canada.
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