With Playful Illustrations, Awake Studio captures the Essence of a Healthy, Prepared Meals Producer

By David Taylor RGD, Principal and Creative Director at Awake Studio.



Aiyana develops and delivers healthy, prepared meals designed to add ease to your day. They aim to provide families with the nourishment they need to optimize body and mind, no matter how busy life gets. Cathy Cicchini Studio was commissioned by Aiyana for a brand refresh and brought Awake Studio into the project.


The cornerstone of the new identity developed by Awake Studio is a suite of playful illustrations that capture the essence of the brand and highlight key ingredients of the products. Whole, organic food is the essence of Aiyana's brand so showing the food right on the pack helped to convey their importance. For the word mark, we capitalized the similar letter shapes in the name "Aiyana" to bring a sense of balance, harmony and connectedness to the identity. The strength of the all-caps treatment is offset by the softness of the rounded letter-forms and character edges.
The new identity has just been launched into the world but already it's getting very positive feedback and their subscriber base is excited about the new direction.
Co-created with Cathy Cicchini Studio
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